Is Librem Key a security key?

I was hoping to use my Librem Key for 2FA as a security key. Is it suitable for that?

Specifically, I am trying to use it with GitHub.

When I try to add a security key with GitHub:

  • Firefox 90.0.2: Popup with a cancel button only. Times out.
  • Chromium 90.0.4430.212: “Insert your security key and touch it”. Times out.

I guess I am supposed to press a button or something on the security key, but the Librem Key has nothing like it?

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It should be suitable for that.

I believe you need some driver to ‘press the button’ for you. The Librem Key is based on the Nitrokey, maybe try their app?

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That would be interesting, please report back if you could make it work =)!