Is Plasma/KDE still supported by Purism

Allthough there were many updates to Plasma/KDE in debian testing in the last days, not one of them have landed in PureOS. As a regular user of Plasma/KDE i am a bit dispointed.

Today there have 53 updates, none of them Plasma /KDE, although there have been a lot in debian testing. Is there any reason for that?

l think they’ve been pretty clear about the fact that they provide Gnome as the desktop environment for PureOS and that KDE is present so we have the option to choose a different default for ourselves. As to the delay for the updates to other packages and not Plasma, my guess would be that they’re taking care of updates in the order of importance, and they’ll get around to Plasma when they get there. Is there something not working properly with your current setup that an update would fix?

Yes they are clear. Kmail is not working, which is fixed in debian testig some month ago.

What specifically isn’t working for you? I’ve been using evolution, but I was able to open Kmail and add an email account, and it successfully sent and received emails. Do you have any error logs?

Kmail is stoppig PureOS. No, I don’t have error logs.

Today there are still no updates to plasma/kde, allthough there wer about 100 in debian testing. If at the end of the debian freeze kde/plasma is not updated, I am forced to switch to debian testing or netrunner. A GUI like gnome, which puts chaines on me, is not suitable FOR ME.

Viva freedom!

Personally I’m happy Purism is developing software for their hardware, but I’m even happier that I can disregard that software and use whatever I want.

I personally would like to see Pantheon in the Purism repo, but have no expectation for them whatsoever to actually do it.

But they are saying, that they are based on debian testing. Part of testing is KDE/Plasma. But it gets not updated.

I don’t take PureOS being based on Debian as them saying that anything and everything dealing with Debian is automatically apart of their branch.

For a small company working on so many moving parts it makes sense to focus on one desktop manager and not several.

Still I don’t pretend to fully understand Debian and what is considered standard with it, so I may be wrong.

I accept, that they are working on many important things. That is why i am looking for, what they are doing during debian freeze. If the are not supporting plasma/kde any more, they should announce it. Then I would know, that I should switch to another distriution.

Well, I can assure you that they do update stuff eventually. (I’m on PureOS/Plasma for almost a year now). But I rather have them delay things a bit and have it go smoothly than being always bleeding edge.
I rather find the amount of package updates too high, because I just want things to work.
So, if they’d go with Debian 10 when it stabilizes, I’d be happy. But I assume they’ll stay on testing.

Whilie I love Plasma, I don’t take all their stuff. I have used Thunderbird, Firefox, LibreOffice, Gimp and Inkscape for almost two decades (for example because I can also easily use them on Windows machines if I want to) and never felt a need to look into the KDE alternatives.

However, if you want to speed up things, it might help to open a ticket in the PureOS tracker, so they know there is a need to move forward with KMail.