Is privacy already obselete?

With reliance on overseas components, shipping embarg…I mean “supply chain interruptions”, smart-dust, facial-recognition tech (that darn Binance account!) - the mission of Librem 5 becomes less possible every day. And it’s our fault for handing over the keys to our lives for a dopamine hit.

If mine ever arrives, and I’m around to receive it, I’ll put it in the “Cigar Box of Lost Dreams” in my battered, post-Apocalyptic rucksack.

These developments make the librem more crucial, not less. Privacy and freedom are worth fighting for, and the effort to create a device with hardware kill switches, FOSS, IME neutralized, (some models) not made in China, etc, that all has great potential to do good.

Look at Linux for an example. I think the hope that Linux would become the dominant desktop OS has been mostly dead for a long time. Nevertheless, Linux has continued to generate tremendous benefit to the world.

Don’t view the fight for freedom and privacy as a binary switch, “win” or “lose”. On the contrary, we have a world to live in, so we might as well make it good to the extent that we can. The librem 5 can help with that :slight_smile:


I think their mission is worth fighting for, and it is achievable. That is, you and some people will be able to own devices that don’t spy on them and all the other benefits. There is a problem though, you don’t own most devices that spy on you…

Does it really matter if you use Facebook or Google from a Librem device? :slight_smile: They spy on you anyways. Sure you can use open alternatives, and escape some of that form of spying. These companies have their cancer-tentacles everywhere on the internet, and it is quite difficult to avoid them for most people, even if not used directly.

If most of people still use these services, then some of your freedoms are lost even if you don’t use them. You may have freedom of speech on some sites that no-one uses, but not on Youtube or any of those other censoring platforms, where most people hang out. Sure, you have freedom of speech but no-one is listening.

The cameras that are put up everywhere you don’t own either. And since you don’t control them it really doesn’t matter if they are open-source or not. They still record you and perform some bio-metric measurements. What about all the other IoT sensors? Same thing goes there.

I think, in reality we can only try to not be the slowest gnu :wink: in the herd. Most things are outside of our control, unfortunately or luckily. To affect other peoples or companies devices we have to go the political route and I think Purism is doing a good job there too.


Thanks for the reminder. “…we might as well make it good to the extent that we can” is probably the best advice one can offer.
Now,if only my car’s navigation system had a “kill” switch. :wink:

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Last year I deleted my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and this year I began my De-Google quest by buying a De-Googled phone, ordering a Librem 14, and starting the migration away from all Google services. After that is accomplished, then the longest pole-in-my-tent will be to wean the rest of the family off of all Apple products! I regret allowing them in my compound, but after banning all things Microsoft, I figured it was the lesser evil option; after further review, Apple has far surpassed Microsoft in anti-privacy evils, AFAIC. SMH

Fingers-crossed that I’ll eventually get that Librem 14 soon!