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oh the things Governments pull off when we’re not looking … caught this quite late i’m afraid …

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Are you from Russia reC?

It is a shame what the good people there have had to deal with since forever.


no but i’m close to Russia which is maybe an even bigger deal …

Russia, Feb 1, Protonmail website still accessible without tunnels/proxies.

Unfortunately, however, the official registry of banned resources ( already contains their IP (, so this will change in the nearest future (few days), as this is a system with eventual consistency. Shame on us.


like i said … lop off the entire arm … at least it’s not the head …:roll_eyes:

Do we have an example of a how to set up a first jump out of computer onto a private page?

Which of course leads onto the internet?

Or should this be a separate thread?

what do you mean ?

First thing I could try to do, if I lived in Russia, and the IP to Proton Mail is blocked, I could start a VPN. An unobstructed VPN should allow me access to The government might also be blocking the VPN, or might have found a way to play man in the middle with me. Plus they might record my efforts to use a VPN, (or Tor) which might have other consequences.

Suppose I acquire a bit of webspace outside Russia, and install my own personal VPN, which only I use? The government is less likely to recognize the IP of my personal VPN as contrary to what they would allow. One of the primary weak points would be if the provider of my web page is corrupted. It is my own private tunnel to the Internet.

I could also use purchased webspace as my own private Tor Bridge.

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It has also been tried to block, a german Mail provider which is famous for its data protection efforts. However, the court case was dismissed because accepted to sign in the russian telecommunication register (which only holds publically available information).

For quick testing if you have an overseas VPS, you might try a web proxy. That avoids any red flags that a VPN might raise.

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