Is PureOS a good choice for software development?

That’s it. I am learning python, java, and also learning how to develop web apps and mobile apps.
Nowadays I am using Linux Mint 17.2 xfce (yes it is an old version) running on external SSD disk booting from the USB3 port. I would want to switch to PureOS for programming purposes in the same or another SSD.

I would like to use the free open source software available to programming, and by the way learn about the PureOS while the Librem5 phone arrives.
Do you have any suggestions/recommendations?


Normally you’ll be fine using PureOS. Their repo’s have;

  • openJDK 11 and 17
  • Python 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9
  • PHP 7.4

But for Linux mobile development I don’t recommend Debian bases as I think you should learn GTK4. Debian 11 ‘bullseye’ / PureOS ‘byzantium’ only has GTK3. I think openSUSE Tumbleweed or Fedora Workstation would be best until the Debian bases (like Linux Mint and PureOS) start shipping GTK4.

For the current Librem 5, I don’t know if you’ll need to use libhandy and GTK3 or the GTK4 and Adwaita with Flatpak? I think it’ll be best to learn GTK4 and package it as a Flatpak for the Librem 5. I’ll be great if a dev can chime in about what to design with?

p.s. I know nothing about qt, Android, or Apple development.
p.p.s. I’m slowly learning GTK4, hopefully by the time I have an app, PureOS will have GTK4.

What no FORTRAN or COBOL ?

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If you’re using any kind of modern hardware and want to try PureOS, you’ll likely be better off running it in a VM. You may run into a lot of driver problems otherwise.