Is support receiving emails?

I wonder if is receiving my emails or they are lost in spam somehow… Here is my case: I ordered L5 on 18Sep2017. Received an email on the 15Feb2021 saying to confirm address by 19Feb2021. I confirmed immediately (on Feb15) and ordered spare battery and openpgp card.

I read that people with the same or later date of order have received(!) their phones. It is now past the 2 of March and no answer from Purism. I wrote yesterday again to support for a short explanation (I worry my emails get lost) No answer.

What is going on? I think that the site must somehow acknowledge the receipt of emails after they have passed whatever spam filters. Otherwise we do not know if we managed to reach support. If they are busy OK. At least we know our emails are in a queue to be read and replied.

A question for @joao.azevedo perhaps

Did you follow this guide?

hi @antonis your order will ship next thursday if I am not mistaken. In any case I’ll reply to the latest email you sent, with more information there.

@joao.azevedo Thanks a lot for the reply
@fsflover I think yes.

However, I will insist on this proposal: since there are delays, and we have accepted them as a necessary situation since purism seems to be overloaded with shipping to the backers, an auto acknowledgement that emails have been received and in queue is technically trivial to setup and useful.

If I knew that my emails had gone through, I would not have opened this topic.


I don’t know if your email is but it would be funny if subscribed to the same service that is blacklisting and bliacklsted themselves. If so you wold get a 554 error in 5 days.

That would be pretty funny, but FYI, I have successfully communicated with Purism support using a account.

No, no, I do not have a account.

sent an email regarding my shipment today and they definitely are responding !

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Yes they responded to me after I created this topic and wrote that “somehow the failed to reply” to me although they processed my order. So there existed a reason to start the topic…