Is suspend working properly on my phone?

Suspend seems to start its timer at your last action, so at whatever point my phone will go into suspend at a set amount of time after I have done something.

This is not how I would like it to work. I only want my phone to go into suspend when the screen is off. Not before. There should be two different timers, one for screen off and one for suspend. The suspend timer should not start until the screen is off.

There should also be two screen off timers. One for while using the system and one for when the phone is locked. That way, I can never have the screen go blank while I am using it, but it will go back to sleep if I get a notification.

Is suspend working the way it is supposed to or am I doing something wrong?


There is still a lot work to do. Suspend is an experimental feature right now.

Yeah, I am aware is it still experimental, but this is a simple thing. The timer to sleep is deactivated when convergence is active so I assume that it would be easy to hook the timer into the display going to sleep.

If it is so simple to implement, contribute some code and I will be personally happy to test/debug it.

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Or maybe try … suspend only when battery is not able to get power. So if you are docked to a USB-C dock that has power then the Librem 5 will never suspend. If the dock loses power (or doesn’t have it) then the Librem 5 will suspend according to its normal schedule. If you are docked to a lapdock then similar behaviour.