Is that possible to use dual boot?

Hi all,

I’m very interesting in this device – security and more over privacy should be everyone’s priority.
Android of course doesn’t offer that. but there’s some applications , especially banking application like transferwise , payoneer , N26…etc… that i use on daily basis. Banking app are the real issues because we are forced to use their application as they generate a code to perform an action just a simple money transferring involved using the app with a code sent or fingerprint to confirm its you)…So i wonder if there’s way to implement those apps on Librem 5 and if not, how the world is going to find your device useful ?
Does librem 5 allow dual boot? Or do i need to keep an Android device?
Thanks and good luck for this brillant project.


You can theoretically dual-boot if
A) the phone will boot off the SD card
B) the Android kernel has the necessary drivers

I don’t know about A (I’ve done it before, but obviously not on a L5) but I think B will be the issue. I currently have Android 10 and it appears to use the 3.18 kernel. I guess you could try and compile one yourself, but I can’t speak on how successful that would be

devkit can dualboot so i don’t see a reason why l5 won’t

It can boot Android?

Android kernel is specific for each device. So you can’t associate android 10 with linux kernel 3.18 .

you boot the kernel, kernel then boostrap the system. Android is linux kernel + android system. But android kernel is not mainline (older kernel with custom OOT patches), plus system (bionic and stuff) need to be hooked up to appropriate hardware. So no, not generic android image. But should be fairly easy for whoever is familiar to adopt the platform.
And don’t forget you need serial console to boot arbitrary kernel (system) :slight_smile:
On the other hand there’s kexec…

Even if it gets it, you should still keep your Android phone until L5’s OS matures enough. I don’t think that L5 is gonna have reliable Android working on it any time soon.

I did because when I ran uname -a in termux it told me 3.18. Your statement is a better way of saying what I was getting at, that the kernel is heavily modified according to the hardware it’s intended to be used on. Thank you for confirming what I was suspicious of.

Yes, this is also something I was trying to say, that it would be non-trivial, but you were able to provide much more knowledge than I had. Thank you as well.