Is the hardware switch really just a software switch?

They aren’t. Which I already wrote 14 days ago!


I know that a couple people have said that, but no one from Purism has made any comment as to why Dlonk was able to use Wi-Fi with his Wi-Fi switch off, so I am still skeptical of such claims.

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JCS has.

However the only way that anyone could comment on what actually is occurring with a specific phone would be for the phone to be sent in for examination and the OP is understandably hesitant to do that, particularly as this may be a never-to-be-reproduced problem. If it started happening regularly, I imagine that the OP would be more amenable.

I guess, against that, for those like me saying “read the schematics”, I am not aware that the schematics have been released for the USA Editions and AIUI it is a USA Edition that we are talking about.

The situation remains that for the Librem 5 vanilla edition, the design is unarguably a hardware switch (multiple AP2281 load switch chips scattered throughout the design). No possible software malfunction can interfere with that. (You can easily find the datasheet for the AP2281 on the internet.)


There are no differences in schematics and design between L5, L5USA and LP. The only changes are in BOM and they’re already noted in the released files.


I did, see my previous comments.

You’ll notice my name in the l5-schematic repo’s commits…


Thank you for your patience and support, i also want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for making Librem 5. You a Rockstar!


Sorry that I was obtuse, but thanks for helping to clear things up!


I emailed Purism support about it (with a link to this thread) but they never replied. I think I emailed after about 2 weeks on Friday asking if they got my email 2 weeks before, and this spawned some computer generated email that they have a gitlab ticket about my concern or whatever. So, it’s not really hesitance on my part but rather the current challenges with support recruiting, etc.

I agree, thanks guys. I’m still using my phone every day even after this issue, with the knowledge that it seemed to only happen one time. I think it happened close to when I obtained a 3D printed nylon backplate for the phone to help remove and add the back more often for daily battery swapping. How big are the inner parts of the switch? Could they have been busted by nylon dust?

Anyway so far the issue seems like a mysterious 1 time fluke ever since I switched the WiFi switch back and in so doing cause the issue to disappear. But the Librem 5’s are often the phones of the cheesed off people, and so I come away from today’s tech with the sense that some level of paranoia is likely fine.


You may consider disassembling the device to check for the following. If you are not comfortable with the following procedure, I suggest that you send in the device for repair. What is the ticket number that the GitLab Support Bot created? I can look into this for you.

  1. Disassemble the device to view switch and switch cap condition
  2. Are the switch caps damaged, stuck, or sheared off from the switches?
    • YES: Replace the switch caps and/or switches (contact support)
    • NO: Continue to next step
  3. Check if the switch itself (SW3) is not properly soldered, or if R626 or D24 have cold solder joints
  4. Is there visible damage or poor electrical connection?
    • YES: Repair or replace the damaged components; continue to next step
    • NO: ???
  5. Reassemble the device