Is the L5 your primary daily device... anyone?

Looking for testimonials of Librem 5 users successfully using it as your only or primary mobile phone and internet browsing.
For all of us who have yet to receive our phone and may be considering a refund, your experiences with the phone will help us.

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What do you want to know :upside_down_face: ?

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At least 23 people on this forum (including myself) do use it as primary/only device according to this survey. Personally I still need an Android phone to act as second factor for bank and work’s VPN. But everything else (like posting this forum message) is on my L5.

I posted a review a couple months ago with my experience.

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Interesting because on my L5 ProtonVPN works just fine. GUI and all.

I suppose your work VPN just doesn’t have a native Linux client?

Sorry, I meant “second factor for {bank and work’s VPN}”. The VPN itself is on the company laptop, the phone is just for authentication.


Slightly off topic, but is this true on your Reform too? Last I heard, ProtonVPN on ARM would only build with make build-nogui.

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Yes it works on the Reform as well. GUI and all. :+1::+1:

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Excellent review!
Any update due to latest upgrades?