Is the lapdock with german keyboard, when it will be shipped to Germany?


when I buy a lapdock in Germany, will it be with german keyboard layout?

If not, is it possible to change the keyboard to german keyboard layout?

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I ordered lapdock from Purism but after 7 months waiting I bought one directly from Nex website. Direct order arrived in 7 days, but Purism order has never shipped.

Maybe I’m wrong but I think the Lapdock is not manufactured by Purism, so they are redistributing it. Might be smarter to go to Purism only for the hardware created by Purism that you cannot get anywhere else - Librems, etc.

But maybe Purism support can help you?

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No, US layout only.


I’ve ordered one, so it makes it useless for me. Theoretically I cloud stick the german letters on the keys, or not? :smiley:

Are there any keys that I can change it on the keyboard? Would this work?

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The only laptop I am aware of, that can be ordered with german keyboard layout is the one from for 350€.
Its a french company.

Using “american” ANSI keyboard and not the “german” ISO Keyboard-layout will make u lose the " |<> " - Key completely. The key itsself is just missing to make the shift-key bigger. Also the " "#’ "-key is moved.
Be aware of that.

Havn’t seen anyone using librem5+ mirabook until now. But am still planing to buy this combination when purism brought next pureOS to librem5 and transfers refunds again.
Am still hoping to see this for xmas this year.

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Does the Librem 5 work with MiraDock from ?

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Not sure.

Which particular make and model?

I would ask the manufacturer of the lapdock.

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It should, as you can see on this video it works wit PP and PMOS.

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