Is there a fix? Twitter, Pure browser - bad quality audio

Youtube works fine in Pure browser
But videos or other audio media embedded in twitter have vary bad quality[can’t actually understand what is being said]
Is there a fix for this?

I have never used or looked at anything in Twitter, so I am not sure the following will work. But, to check if it is not a more basic problem by comparison, you might want to try this tip on the PureOS wiki for watching videos using something in Twitter. It could help narrow down where the issue is.

Thank you for reply
it seems not possible to download the addon - the button says firefox only and takes me to a page to download firefox

In general, you do not need the add-on unless you want to open the video from the browser, though you may need it for Twitter. You might be able to just copy-and-paste the location into the player. I have not installed that “Open with” add-on, and that is the way I do use Gnome MPV. (I am not a heavy video viewer.)

It is a bit off-topic, but you can get around that “Firefox only” problem by using the browser’s Extensions panel for getting the add-on as described here.

Hey there, @sherab_kelsang :slight_smile:
For a few weeks now I had planned to write a little guide on installing brave browser, now you finally made me do it, because that solves that problem :slight_smile:

That’s great @Wayne
I’ll have a look.
TBH I am not a great video watcher as well but sometimes in twitter there might be some short videos that are of interest.
Any how Thank you !

Thanks for that @Caliga
The fact that some websites - gmail and hotmail, seem to be forced into an old UX makes me really enjoy Pure Browser and therefore i’d like first to exhaust all possibilities with it.
I use to work with Brave and also quite enjoyed it. I also liked the micropayment system they have.
i might return to it if no luck with Twitter Video


In Pure browser, YouTube’s performance is good, but embedded Twitter videos suffer from poor quality, affecting audio clarity. It might help to check your browser settings or update it for better compatibility with embedded media. Alternatively, consider using a reliable Twitter保存 tool to download videos, ensuring better playback and understanding without compromising quality. Cheers!

Can you say more about this link? Thanks.


Standard caveats apply with the use of any online (website) tool:

  • You don’t know what entity is operating the site.
  • You can’t verify anything about the operation of the site.
  • You can’t know whether you should trust the site or what its intentions are.
  • You can’t fully assess your privacy or security risk.

Especially coming from a first-time poster necroposting a nearly six-year thread.

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However, even if I posted the link, and even if the topic hadn’t been necrod, you should still evaluate things like: who operates the site, what you know about the operator, what the intentions of the operator and site are.

So I would make pessimistic assumptions: anything you download through that site, the site will make a record of the metadata relating to that, that metadata may be shared anywhere, and the site at least in theory has a permanent copy of the video.

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