Is there a good "outer case", "shelf", or some container around my librem mini?

Can anyone recommend something like that around my Librem Mini?

My goal is to make the machine more silent.

You can put it on a sound dampening matt or put it in a box where you have covered the inside with sound dampening:

You also might be able to find a quieter fan to replace the stock fan.

If you want true silence you can (with a bit of work) mount it in a passive chassis:

Thanks for the tip! Have you tried these dampeners yourself on a Mini? Also, have you had success replacing the fan - what fans could you recommend?

Wow, this is mind-blowing. Is this a straightforward thing to do once I buy a HDPlex H1 V3, or were there any particular challenges to pull this off? Any extra things to buy, such as cables, etc.?

I think this thread (with its videos) should answer those questions:

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Thanks. I’m afraid you lost me at the 3d printed piece. That’s wayyyy too involved for me :S

Can you start offering such a paid service yourself?

Is anyone at Purism listening to this? Can you please create a Librem Mini “Bigger” version? One that’s a bit bigger but more silent. It would be worth extra $250 at least IMO.

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I don’t own the Mini, but putting sound dampening underneath and behind a PC does make it quieter in my experience. Just make sure to not block the air flow.

There are a number of companies that make low-noise CPU fans, like these:

If you check the websites for the companies mentioned in those articles, you might be able to find one that fits inside the Librem Mini.

You can get someone else to print the parts (I had them machined in metal) I can send you the 3D printer files. Purism doesn’t manufacture the Librem Mini’s, they are wholesale’d from a Chinese manufacturer so it’s unlikely they will make a bigger version.

I’d really like to see a mini ITX format Librem system, preferably with support for 128GB RAM.


This a thousand times. @Kyle_Rankin CC. Any chance any time soon?
Then I could just grab that, put it into HDPlex for a silent Librem. It would be the dream.

Can you confirm they are for the latest Librem Mini (version 2)? That’s the one I have. If that’s the case, can you put them somewhere to download, e.g. ? You could post the link here or message it to me if you prefer.
Will these parts “just work”? So all I need are Librem Mini v2, your 3d printed parts, HDPlex H1 V3, and I’m good to go? (As you can hear, I’m a complete newbie here)

The issue is that Google does most of the work creating Coreboot ports for recent Intel chips, because Google uses Coreboot in its Chromebooks, and when Google asks Intel for detailed documentation and some programmers to help port the firmware, Intel responds, because millions of Chromebooks are sold every year. Unfortunately, Google only cares about porting Coreboot to the mobile versions of the Core processors because they are used in Chromebooks. If a tiny company like Purism asks Intel for help porting Coreboot to its desktop Core processors, Intel will probably ignore the request.

If you want to use a recent Core processor with Coreboot, you have to use a mobile chip (which is soldered), and most mini-ITX motherboards use desktop processors. However, I did find one system that looks like you want: Fanless mini-ITX with mobile Core processor, but the most that the mobile Core processors support is up to 64GB RAM (except for the i7-10750H which supports up to 128GB RAM).

What motherboard does that system use?

@morgan, I have no clue what motherboard is being used, but you can ask the manufacturer:

If it’s not on the list of coreboot compatible boards then coreboot won’t run on it.