Is there a List of Default & Current Apps on the Librem 5?

Does anyone know or have a list of all the apps that are default and or are available for the Librem 5 as of right now?

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I’d like to see a list as well. I suspect, though, that the list is still fluid.

I guess my real question is will it be able to run Android apps? I looked all over and spent a couple hours reading a lot of forum posts, but haven’t found the answer yet. I ask because I currently use apps for two different banks and my health insurance on my Note 3, and I really need those apps. One of the banks is a small credit union that doesn’t have the resources to rewrite their app for another (currently) small OS. If I missed it, please post a link for others to find the answer. Thanks in advance!

give it time and a list will surely surface when enough entries can be made. they just announced a torrent app on the store but it’s not there yet. a must have for sure. slow and steady. nice work !

I finally found the official answer:

They are 5 default app:

  • Calls (phone calling)

  • Chatty (SMS + XMPP)

  • Web (web browser)

  • Gnome Calendar

  • Terminal

Other app are being adapted to small screen by non purism developers like GNOME contacts or parameters, fractal (matrix room chat), lollypop (musicale player), etc.

other available apps:


No, I do not want that my L5 runs Android apps which are not OpenSource, which are spying after me and are phoning “home”.

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If the L5 has an app that allows you to run other apps in a protected mode within L5, that would be fine. My computers all run Xubuntu, on which I run Virtualbox, and within Virtualbox I run Windows 2000 and Windows 10 as virtual machines. The virtual machines are isolated so, while they can reach the net, any corruption is limited to the virtual machine.

No need for any Android apps as far as I am concerned. I have managed pretty well without them so far.


We do not talk here only about any damage to your local system, but about spying you and sending the data “home” (to your enemy, to your government, to its secret services, to the Mafia, or to what ever you may think of).

(same with me for many years)

Honestly, if you want Android apps, I would suggest getting an Android offshoot such as LineageOS or some others. I want a Linux phone to run Linux apps.

But check these out:

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hi there! :slight_smile:

check these out:

i hope these will help u (and vice versa X’D )

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