Is there a way to get the full list of apps available for pure OS? Will all of them run on the 5?

I really appreciate what Purism is trying to do. Not since the SAFE Network have I been this excited about a tech product. With MaidSafe protecting us in the cloud and Purism on the client side, a world where we can truly own our technology seems to be in sight.

I’m strongly considering pre-ordering one or more Librem 5s to use as a desktop (I don’t like fans, so I’m reluctant to try the laptops). I need to make sure I can recreate my workflow on it. I’m not too worried about this being possible eventually, since everything I need is a pretty standard Linux program, but I want to make sure they’ll all run on the 5 without extensive hacking.

Is there a list of working apps, for PureOS in general or for the 5 specifically?

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You can search for a specific software or software package here:

For a comprehensive list of all available software packages you can browse PureOS’ repo:


I appreciate it! Looks like everything I need.

Also, because we ship with flatpak, you can download anything that is available at flathub as well;

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