Is there any option to simply pick up my Librem 5?

Is there any option to simply show up and pick up my Librem 5?


What do you mean?

I would love to see a Purism retail presence (as would many others I’m sure) - but I don’t know of a way to walk into any store/location at present and come away with a Librem 5 order.

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This just gave me a vision of a 1920’s speakeasy with a door and a sliding eye level opening where someone with an Italian accent asks for a password.


What is the password?

Say “123456”. But it’s 2FA, so you need a special (Librem) key too. Also, remember to check if the canary is there - if not, the fuzz maybe there. They gots the Pure-stuff, and its free… :sunglasses:

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@neil You’ll have to email the support email and ask directly, but I doubt anyone would like to see any random person in these times - better to have it sent.

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