Is there any place near or in Poland (EU), where I can watch (or even test) a Librem Notebook?

In the EU law, after ordering hardware online, one can test it for 7 up to days, then return and get a full refund. I understand this law would not work overseas.

Before buying, I want to feel the sound emissions under a constant light load (code editor), and to see how much it varies over time (i.e. distracts when suddenly noise goes up or down).

There is FOSDEM coming up in Brussels, 2nd to 3rd of February, always a good event to visit if your are interested in free software :slight_smile: Quite some Purism folks will be around there.

I can assure to you that under the load that you describe (code editor) the fan will not spin at all (unless the editor does some strange things) and if you have a SSD (i.e. not spinning harddrive) there will be no noise at all.



I live in Warsaw and own a Librem 13v2 if you want to test! I might be at FOSDEM this year too.