Is this a good deal for Librem 5?

There is a librem 5 on ebay for $500. Not sure if it is a good deal.

Putting aside the risk factors for a moment … seems like a good price.

Things to consider:

  • whether you trust the seller
  • whether the phone actually works
  • what accessories it comes with
  • what country you are in
  • what modem the phone has
  • whether the postage cost is going to be fair (e.g. at cost)
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“Seller does not accept returns”

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I see it is sold now. You need to ask if its a good deal? If its as described…a new order is over $1000 with a long wait, and this is half that.

Mate, you’re either taking the piss or you’re the seller. Either way this sort of post just wastes space and time, mine included.


I think its fair to ask, in the “should I be suspicious of this price?” sense.

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That would be fairly standard for private sales, wouldn’t it? Caveat emptor and all that.

Not necessarily. I’ve seen various return options from private sellers.