Is this a good Wifi Card that is Compatible with Librem 14?

Is this a card that would work with the librem 14 is their any complicated driver installing I have to worry about?
I bought this laptop and now I have to figure out how to get it to work with KUbuntu. Battery don’t work, Have to push down hard to click on anything with the mousepad. Lights don’t work on keyboard etc. I checked every guide on getting the battery to work. Way to complicated or didn’t explain enough information in every thread or reply. I’m definitely an above average computer user. But i’ve only been using linux for 5 years.
This is all besides the fact I stripped a screw. As I wanted to move hardware from my old librem mini to the librem 14. Oh well now I have to take it into bestbuy. Probably going to spend $300 bucks on hardware installs and wifi card. Don’t want to risk stripping my screws again. Have to pay $100 to ship it to different bestbuy location somewhere to unstrip one screw.
Honestly if I could do it again I would of bought a system76 laptop.

What I’m also wondering is what the email is for purism support?

Will this wifi card work with librem 14? I want to buy the best wifi card possible under $75. ->

The email for support is

any m.2-2230 A/E key Wifi card will be compatible. If you’re running PureOS though, non-free drivers are required for it to function. Several other threads on this.