Issue after updating the librem 11 bios


I used the update script to update and flash the bios. Unfortunately it looks like I need a librem key which I don’t know or have.

Is there a way to completely wipe the bios so I can start over from scratch?

Used this:

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@superjimtendo It sounds like Basic mode got disabled. To turn Basic mode back on:

  1. At the GPG keyring error, select Ignore error and continue to main menu
  2. Select Options > Change configuration settings > Enable PureBoot Basic Mode > Yes > OK
  3. Still in the configuration menu, select Save the current configuration to the running BIOS > Yes
  4. Wait for the flash to complete, then select OK to reboot

This might have happened if you switched to coreboot/SeaBIOS and then back to PureBoot, or it could happen if you select “Flash, erase settings” when flashing a PureBoot update from PureBoot. I’m going to streamline the script flow for updating a bit in the next update.


Thank you this worked for me