Issue email notifications cannot be enabled any more

I cannot enable email notifications on issues in the Purism GitLab any more. I’ve had this issue on other projects in the past as well. Are email notifications intentionally disabled?

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@mladen: do you know why it is not possible any more to enable notifications on GitLab issues?

See how the notifications slider in GitLab issues is disabled in this screenshot:

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@adrien.plazas: I see that you are the owner of some GitLab projects. Would you be able to allow people to enable Notifications again?

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Maybe it is an issue with certain GitLab versions:

I had this issue previously on a few non Purism GitLab sites, there it went away over time. Maybe they went to newer GitLab versions, but that is speculation.

I can enable issue notifications again now GitLab is upgraded to 14.0.12-ee.

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