Issues placing Order

Is anyone else having issues ordering through Purism’s website? I’ve been trying to place an order for a Librem 5 USA And Awesim cell service (impulse buy to support purism and get on shorter waiting list, lol) but I can’t get my order to process.

I keep getting the same notice that I need to call my credit card company to verify information. I called, but the credit card company stated that nothing was blocked on their end, and that it must be on Purism’s side. I tried a second card which was also declined.

I contacted tech support a week ago. They said they are working on the issue and will get back to me. I was able to purchase a Librem One account with no issues. hopefully they can sort the issue out before I lose my impulse :joy:.


make sure your browser isn’t getting in the way of that … if you use certain extensions it can block some scripts that might be ‘needed’ for the transaction to successfully complete …

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Make sure you provide billing address that matches address on your credit card info, and if you are still blocked, contact with your card info (and order number).


Good Idea, but it didn’t help. I confirmed billing info matched the CC as well. I emailed payments today, I’ll see if they get back to me.

Let us know what you think of the phone and AweSIM when you get it in February. So far nobody has reported on their experiences with AweSIM on the forum, so your impressions will be helpful.

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Or experiences with the Librem 5 USA Edition for that matter … :wink:


Just keep in mind, you’ll be seeing the experiences of someone who’s never used a Linux OS a day in his life :rofl:


if there’s a time to be tazed then it’s certainly a time to learn Linux and read up on the GNU project’s philosophy …

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Update: got back with me and sent me a link to pay, where I had to input amount and order # manually. It appears to have been successful and I received a confirmation email (receipt). Thanks everyone for the advice.


We all started with zero knowledge …


or maybe it’s the fact that birth is such a traumatic experience that we ‘forget’ what we ‘know’ and we have to re-learn it all again …

Just curios, how long did they say will take to ship you your phone?
Maybe you shouldn’t say. Some of us have been waiting over 2 years for our phones.
I know the is doing its best and trying to get the phones out as fast as they can.

I haven’t received any shipping estimates yet. I’m expecting sometime in Feb or mid March, depending on when they achieve shipping parity on the USA edition.