Issues with Boot Sequence

I’m very new to linux and pureos. I was having issues with software updates, getting an unmet dependencies error message. After reviewing forum suggestions I ran the following:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt autoremove
sudo reboot

Now with every boot - it says the list of boot entries has changed and to set a new default. I’m still able to get to my “profile”- but I’m concerned that I may have done something that isn’t good regarding the setup structure.

Any advise, information, or suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

the list of boot entries changed likely because of a kernel update. You need to do what it says - select a new default from the list (likely the top entry) and then sign it as the new default using your Librem Key when prompted


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I’ve done this several times (multiple reboots), yet it continues through the same sequence request.

what’s the exact error / list of files it thinks are changed?