Issues with Librem 15 v4?

I wanted to see what issues other forum members have had with their Librem 15s. I have had a few. Mine range from the screen glitch, to bios/boot up issues, to the keyboard having a clicky shift key, and the screen intermittently going black for 2-3 seconds when waking from hibernation or boot up.

I would like to compare challenges other members are having with their machines.

I have had my machine approximately 30 days.



can you elaborate on these issues? particularly the bios/boot up

With the keyboard, my shift key clicks when being pressed. The screen will go black for a second or two once every few times when I awake my laptop from sleep.

with my bios/boot up, every time now when I boot up, it asks for a password before even going to the secure boot up screen. Also, I normally have gibberish appear on the screen when I boot up as well. The gibberish will last about 1 to 2 seconds and then go to the log in screen for the home screen.

on my 15v4, the larger keys like lshift, space, and enter have a slightly different/louder sound than the smaller keys, but nothing that would make me think something is wrong.

you’ll have to be more specific on the password screen. If you have disk encryption in use, then you’ll get a LUKS prompt to decrypt the disk before the user login - that’s normal/expected.

there does appear to be ~1s of screen garbage when switching to/from 4K display resolution, not sure if that’s on the firmware or kernel driver side - I suspect the latter

I was going to ask about this - I noticed the same in my 15v4. Also, is there a way to change the default behaviour so it doesn’t roll right into memtest after reboot and instead just boots the OS? :thinking:

For me, the lone key making an “extra” click while pressing the key is the shift key. I sent a video in and was told that it is not a normal function of the Librem 15 v4 keyboard.

For the password, this other password screen comes up prior to the LUKS screen. It asks for a password and then goes to the LUKS screen.

You were asking about the jibberish I encounter when booting up my device. I was also told by an employee this is also not a normal function of the boot up process.

Also, there is the 2 to 3 seconds of the black screen that I get intermittently when awaking my laptop from sleep. It will open the screen, then go black, and then come back on. So, it is not a hesitant awakening as it is actually going dark after the screen has opened to the desktop.

Dont’t get me wrong. I love my device. I am currently using my backup up Dell XPS 13 Developer loaded with Ubuntu. I cannot wait until my machine is returned. I mailed it yesterday, so I expect to have it back within approximately 2.5 weeks.

I am really interested in the challenges each of us is facing with our new Librem 15 v4 laptops.


@steven.ellsworth40 regarding the double password prompt: check if you have the /etc/default/grub file and if so, examine it for GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y

If that line is there, comment it out by adding a # character as the first character in the line, then run sudo update-grub

There was some discussion on the Matrix channel that suggested this may be the cause of two password prompts.

the default boot target should always be internal storage, then rolling over to memtest if that fails. Is it failing to boot from an installed OS on internal storage? If so, what’s the order of things in the boot menu when you press ESC?

These are standard features found in Debian, which PureOS is derived from. Debian has had these features since I started using it 9 years ago, and probably longer, so don’t expect them to change any time soon.

Mine was bricked two days after I got it thanks to an update :scream:

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