Issues with the on screen keyboard

I’ve (at least) two issues with the OSK:

  1. I cant see any TAB key

  2. How could I insert Spanish tilded chars like á é ñ ¿ ¡ ?
    On my laptop I crafted a mapping using xmodmap commands which allow to “misuse” the Win-key + e to get é

Open Squeekboard (aka keyboard).
Click on the globe key.
Switch to Terminal view.
Click on the >_ key.
Tab is next to Esc key.

P.S. Menu key opens copy/paste options.

P.P.S. If you use any of the sticky keys (e.g. Ctrl), remember to unstick them after you use them, or the keyboard will not type correctly.

Edit: Squeekboard languages: Squeekboard release 1.10.0
(That will also take you to the Settings, where you could just select more languages directly in the Regions & Language section.)

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Thank you for the TAB key. I wasn’t aware of the >_ key.

Can you please give an exact example how this must be used for copy + paste. Thanks.

As an example:

  • open a text document,
  • press&drag to select some text,
  • in Squeekboard, select Menu and then Copy,
  • place cursor where you want to paste,
  • in Squeekboard, select Menu and then Paste

If you’re pasting from one document to another, you may need to keep the first document open until after you’ve pasted.

Should also work similarly in the terminal, or when copying whole files (although using the Edit menu in Files might be easier for copying entire documents/photos/etc.).

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Keyboard guide, for those interested: