Italian cloud servers

I typically run algo on a server in the cloud in the US, but I also spend lots of time in Italy (when I am not in quarantine). I was wondering if someone could recommend a cloud server vendor (such as digital ocean, Hertzner cloud, google cloud or vultr) that has machines in Italy. It would cut down my round tripping time when I am in Italy.


Is KVM virtualization acceptable or are you specifically looking for some kind of container virtualization?

KVM is what digital ocean uses and I have installed algo vpn there so yes.

These are the ones I know of:

  1. there’s Aruba, whose one of its datacenters is in Arezzo;
  2. Keliweb should have a datacenter in Calabria (look for it on Ecosia or other search engine, since I’m a new user I can’t post more than two links);
  3. and finally Hosting Solutions should have its main datacenter near Florence.

Be sure to double-check my facts.
These informations come from personal a survery of mine of about one year and half ago.


A similar topic was the matter of discussion in a recent thread of the Debian Italian mailing list.

The following are companies that might interest you:

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Grazie mille!

Once thing that I noticed that is different from the US, at least, is that I am required to have a hostname. Since it is a disposable, VPN server, I don’t normally use one. Any idea what it might be that every Italian cloud server vendor requires a hostname? Is it an Italian law?

Aruba, and I think KeliWeb as well, does not require you to buy a domain.
Maybe the others cited in my latest post do, because those suggestions come from a thread where they were discussing good Italian hosting providers for general purpose websites.

So the answer to your question is no, it’s not because of Italian law; since there are vendors who don’t see a hostname as a requirement. Maybe in Italy the VPS and general internet market is still very much based on websites than anything else, such as gaming servers or VPNs.

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