Italian Data Authority Bans Use of Google Analytics

Italian SA bans use of Google Analytics
No adequate safeguards for data transfers to the USA

Ha! Ha!

About the Italian Data Authority.

Come on, snowball effect!


Interesting. Might be worth it to many people to sign up for any Italy-based VPN in about 90 days. This could have huge ramifications for helping people combat being constantly under surveillance for exploitation and profit. We’ll see if it has any practical effect… Google is not without capabilities to counter this move.


Or just connect to any VPN’s Italy servers.

But I wonder if that will be of any use when an Italy-based user connects to a non-Italy website…?

In any case, it’s a huge deal. Google has their hooks in nearly every website. Hopefully similar bans will be enacted across the EU, and then spread to the rest of the world.

Congrats to Italian citizens on your victory.

I don’t know if I would do that myself because Italy is still part of Fourteen Eyes. For those who don’t know it’s an extended intelligence sharing network of countries that share intelligence and data with other countries in the agreement.

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Not a business owner so don’t know the level of effort and possible cost involved in switching analytics companies, but I’d love to see this spread elsewhere.

From my understanding there are some good alternatives like Plausible around, interested to see how this goes in the EU.

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And now France: