Its not long it?

-Until the Evergreen shipping date…should I allow myself to get excited in the absence (so far) of no announcement of delays?

Sorry for the double up. I just noticed a similar post. Haven’t been here for a while. But I’m still getting excited!

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Killjoy. But I fear…

Five days ago, it was only “a few weeks” left:

All we need now is a definition of “a few”.

I found this:

which quotes the Bible, Peter 3: 20:

to those who were disobedient long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built. In it only a few people, eight in all, were saved through water

So, eight weeks, counting from five days ago, that’s around Christmas eve. :smiley:


“we will start shipping Evergreen to customers mid-to-late November 2020.”
“The mass-produced Librem 5 phones begin shipping late November 2020.”

I guess that means early December.
2020. :sweat_smile:


I think it is important to also note that the devices start shipping in November, but they have several thousand devices to ship, and they won’t all ship at once. I believe they are shipping by position in the order queue, meaning those who ordered in 2017 will be first in line, but those who ordered in 2019 or 2020 may not have theirs shipped until December, January, or maybe even later

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Yes, I think probably even later. This page still says “Place your order now, get it in approximately 6 months !”

Either they forgot to update that, or they expect it to take several months to ship all earlier preorders.

Come on guys! What have you learned so far from former statements concerning shipping???
When you state “Start shipping M-E11.20” that does not mean, that each and every customer in Evergreen batch holds his device in hands before Christmas. I learned “Start shipping” means: We send out a small batch of Evergreen phones to early adopters … and step by step we will work on delivering the rest. Come on! They hold true with “start shipping” but do not elaborate any further.

What most of us hope and read is unfortunately “start shipping” equals “all Evergreen customers get their device at the same point of time”.

I have heard people speculate that “start’s shipping in November” means that it will start shipping slowly in November, with early backers receiving theirs first and shipments going out as far as 6 months from there.
I’ve also seen some people saying that it’s probably cheaper for Purism to have all of them manufactured all in one go and ship them all at once.

The last blog post on the subject didn’t really get into the specifics here, so until we here from Purism one way or another, I think we’re just speculating.

If I had to wager a guess, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but I don’t know any more than anyone else here…

(As I personally ordered in December 2019 I am really hoping that I am not waiting until 2021 for mine, but I guess we shall see.)

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They can have all of them manufactured all in one go in China this month, but they have to insert the chosen modem and packed it with accessories in USA before shipment.
Modem installation and shipment can take several month after manufacturing phase in China.


i wonder if it was water or some ‘virus’ :mask: :upside_down_face:

See also:


If you are an “early backer” then

We will start sending emails to confirm your shipping address, modem choice, and other details starting November 9th


What are the modem choices? Are some at an extra cost? What are the pro’s & cons?

people lets all try to maintain questions about this post in one single thread:

Otherwise it can be a mess to debate this topic :smiley:


Correct topic link though is: The Librem 5 Mass Production Shipping FAQ (my bad)

How about closing the other two topics?