I've got my Librem 5. What should I install on it? :)


Huzzah! :fireworks::sparkler::tada::confetti_ball::boom:


I would love to see how Lollypop works on the phone. There’s an old version in PureOS (I am not sure about the PureOS for the phone, there seems to be different repositories for phone and computer), but I have packaged a fresh release candidate for the upcoming 1.2 in Debian experimental.


They did show Lollypop running on the dev kit, in July:


Oh - thanks! I am not paying enough attention obviously, sorry.


Even though it was shown on the dev kit, I think it would still be nice to see a demo of Lollypop running on the real phone. Also, in that video you could not hear the music actually playing.


Maybe because of a copyright problem. LOL.


“i’ve got my librem 5. what should i install on it ?”

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He did it already but he didn’t shows how it works yet


So, did you get to play with it enough and figure stuff out ?
VoLTE on your ATT ? Tried other carriers, perhaps? Speed tests ?


@BryanLunduke any chance of getting more hard info, impressions, analysis, pics, measurements, videos…?


3 weeks after… nothing installed ?


He was probably told to wait for a newer batch and remain silent til then :slight_smile:


no something definately got installed like … heat :wink: