I've got my Librem 5. What should I install on it? :)

Just got my own personal Librem 5 in my hand moments ago.

What should I install on it? :slight_smile: I’ll run through installing and playing with applications on it over the weekend and post as many pictures and clips as I can muster.


Call Gardiner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Emacs, of course. Then you have everything you need. :slight_smile:


lol! Consider it done!


Congratulations ! You should not ask this question hehe : I suggest PureMaps VLC KeepassXC and Nextcloud (if possible of course).

Last question please : on Gardiner’s video, we can see some kind of dewclaws to clip onto the back cover, leaving impression of plastic back cover. Could you confirm that the back plate is truly metal (it should be cold when you touch it) ?

Thank you !


Hardware video: (As far as already possible)

  • demo the kill switches
  • demo the buttons (volume, standby)
  • demo charging
  • demo file transfer to laptop via USB
  • demo file transfer to laptop via scp
  • demo external devices (keyboard, mouse)
  • demo call or audio capabilities by hooking the 4-pole audio jack to your studio equipment

Software video:
quick run-through of all the software in the daily videos

Those two videos would say more than thousand words to everybody who’s not up-to-date.


Find My Phone
(as in Find MY Phone).

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Back cover is plastic (to keep wireless reception good). The main chassis is metal (you can feel the metal sides which makes it feel really good in the hand). The back cover feels really sturdy and solid.


I totally agree. I’d also like to do a few extra clips showing some of the additional software (and recent software improvements).


Thank you. In my opinion, the Evergreen version could well be in full metal. I really liked the way they solved the thickness problem, the design is cleverly thought out.

Awesome! Another suggestion. Install GitLab. Clone some of the Librem5 software repos. Now you have a Librem5 hosting the source code of the software that runs on it. Browse to the GitLab interface running locally.

Should be very meta.

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OH, I love that idea. Working from some of the Librem 5 source code from the Librem 5. Just awesome. Added to my “things to try this weekend” list. :slight_smile:


I mostly want to know what is in the box, and statistics such as battery life. Does it come with a USB C cable, for example, or OTG? It would also be nice to see detailed photos. I can already test software in the virtual machine, so info about the hardware is much more exciting!


Also, is it possible to boot from an SD card? How does re-flashing the OS work?

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GNOME Maps and fix it using libhandy… that will keep you busy for a weekend :slight_smile:

If you have some time to spare you might aswell get started on Nautilus

Windows 10. Someone will have to try it anyway… :slight_smile:


I’ve been dying to know what is inside the Librem 5.


  • Post the weight and dimensions of the phone (even if your measurements aren’t exact).
  • Take a high resolution photo of the circuit board, so we can identify the chips on the board
  • Post the output of the hwinfo and lshw commands

Install a verizon sim card and make a call.


Honestly, I want to test out the stuff everybody else probably won’t think as quite awesomely:

First of all, does i3 work? I know this isn’t a huge concern and probably useless
but, it would be interesting to test out.

Secondly, a BBS Client and CLI games like Bastet.
I think the Librem 5 should make a great portable gaming device for retro-style games. :sunglasses:

Next I think we should test the stuff that will be more ‘popular’ and have a ‘GUI’.
I have always wanted to run SpeedCrunch on my phone.

Then, I REALLY want to test out some more OSes like can KDE or GNOME mobile run on Arch? What about GUIX or even OpenBSD (yes, BSD is awesome! - Just not FreeBSD :] ).

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i3? Almost certainly not. Sway is the wayland i3-like WM. It probably works.