I've missed the great outage

So I hear puri.sm was not reachable due to DNS misadministration.

I did not notice.

I run nscd on my laptop and have set persistent host cache and positive-time-to-live value for hosts service to 8 days. (Yes, I’m ignoring problems this creates with dyn DNS hosts, this was never an issue for me). So the whole event passed by while I had the target coordinates in cache.

Maybe Purism would consider extending TTL of their glue records to some large value, chances are this could significantly mitigate DNS outage issues.

I think extended TTL would not have helped. Purism was not informed in advance about the suspension. See the article.
In the best case, it would just have delayed the outage.
Hm… maybe if their monitoring servers would also watch the whois status. But I’m sure they’ll do that now :wink: