EU number or EU alternative?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been using, find it quite good, but I do need a EU number to call or receive phone calls, and message.

Can anyone recommend me a similar service but with EU number.
by similar service I mean, they are privacy friendly, not questing tooo much information while opening account or make payment.

their app works on degoogle phone and desktop.

I know their website states they have community project like twilio.SGX ,vonage SGX, but twilio is not stable, can close your account for a small reason, if noticed you are not a business.

Hushed, MySudo ok, but the apps doesn’t work degoogle phone, or don’t have a web app.

If you tried anything works well, please recommend, thank you

Their FAQ (see Q10) also mentions Vonage SGX.

Other than that… maybe use a VOIP service with SIP dialing on your phone? Some VOIP providers also do SMS, and possibly MMS.

Amarok, many thanks for your reply, yeah vonage, tried both wtih twilio, requesting too much information, they are mainly service for business not for individuals.

Yes, sip calling voip EU service provider (or EU number provider) are what am looking for, as long as they are privacy friendly.

Recommendation welcome, thanks

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