Just got my delivery announcement mail

Ordered Sep 17, 2017, just received my upcoming delivery announcement mail. I had to confirm my address and modem choice. Exciting!

UPDATE: Updated date, backing was Sep 17, not 27.
Update: Feb 18, it shipped from the US
Update: Feb 20, it is now waiting at the customs office in Germany
Update: Feb 25, it passed customs tonight and HAS ARRIVED THIS AFTERNOON :heart:


Thanks to let us know, mine may be coming in a while then.

For info, my actual shipping notification arrived 5 days after the initial announcement email, so hopefully yours will come at least that soon.

I do not understand this. I ordered on the 18th of Sept. 2017. Why I did not receive an email yet? How do they choose who to serve first?

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same here. Ordered on Sep 17th, 2017

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Same, ordered on September 20, 2017 (EU) tho. I hope that means we should receive the email this week :crossed_fingers:

I am in EU too. Could it be this the difference? Anyway I hope we get emails this week. If not we will have to complain… I hope this will not be necessary.

The OP is reportedly in the EU. So: no?

Here’s hoping for all of you though …

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Only thing that I find necessary at this moment is that I have joy and am indeed happy for @spaetz that he is about to receive his Librem 5 soon. This is just great news (at least for myself and hopefully for this community as well)!

@antonis, please leave this thread (not of yours) as is and sleep good (as your Librem 5 must be somewhere around the EU corner as well, and please continue to be patient as you were until now).


Purism’s time could be spent on explaining why the queue does not appear to be ordered strictly by date (it does seem a bit random!).


Purism’s time could be spent on getting phones out the door.

If you have not received any email by the end of January, you might want to make a polite enquiry as to whether email from them to you is working.

Maybe Purism sent out so many notices at once that email providers worldwide are struggling to redirect them all. :crazy_face:


Or maybe because I was opting for an earlier batch than Evergreen and got pushed back :smiley:


I did the same, I really hope that’s not the case :smiley:

Congrats this is an exciting time :slight_smile:

I got my announcement mail yesterday as well. I ordered on the 15th of September 2017 and it will be delivered to Germany. I did choose an earlier batch (Chestnut) but got assigned to Evergreen. And I am also super excited :smiley:


Hi there,

my situation is like this:

  • order to Germany on 20th of September 2017
  • assigned to Evergreen
  • got a Shipping Estimate Mail today (27th of January 2021)
  • it estimates shipping between February 14th - 19th (2021 :slight_smile: )

People are writing the estimates from the shipping estimate emails here:


I live in the EU too and got my mail today (2 hours ago) and ordered 28th September 2017.

I assume that you have received yours as well by now.

My estimation was March 15-19 though, so a month later than those reporting February like @fernandez :frowning: But I’m patient! They also told me that they will ask about a week before to confirm modem and shipping.


Thanks johan, yes I reported me receiving the email here!

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This applies to me as well, got the email today. What makes me wonder: I assigned for fir. They did not mention the batch that will be shipped. Therefore question: will this be fir or did they secretly put me into evergreen? Is someone else in fir and got the email?