Just ordered a new Librem 15

Well, after months of thinking about it I just ordered one. Never used Linux before but want to get off of windows for all the reasons everyone else did or does. There’s just something about banking online that I just don’t like but more and more we are forced to do everything online.

We’ll see how I do with it. I suspect I will have some problems as I get used to using it. I’m definitely no computer nerd. Once I learn Linux I’d like to move up to Qubes so I can really drive myself nuts.


Congrats on your purchase! Some things will be much easier now that you do not have to put up with Windows. However, some things will be hard to get used to at first (as you might expect from switching operating systems). For example, it usually takes a little bit for people to get accustomed to using a package manager (although that may be less true now that ‘app stores’ have been a thing across OSs for a while now).

Therefore, I highly recommend seeing if there is a ‘GNU+Linux user group’ in your area, this will allow you to socialise with other people pursuing the goal of free and secure computing, some of whom will have very helpful knowledge and experience to minimize those sticking points.

Thanks for the response. Arlo. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. Weekdays are long with almost no free time. I doubt I’ll find any 'GNU+Linux users where I live. Very small population but I know there are many places to look for info on the 'net. Also, there is just stumbling around using the system.:grinning: I have the time. On weekends.

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