Just wanted to say Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to the Purism team for taking a risk and creating the Librem5. I’m getting so sick of privacy breaches and people having “all their eggs in one basket”…as they say… Google, iOS, Windows, etc. I set a goal to take control of my data and I’m excited to be free of all these ad-riddled, non private/secure products and services.

So to the Purism team, and all the 1st and 3rd party devs for the Librem5…THANK YOU!!!


I also want to say thank you! I can’t wait to try out the librem 5 :slight_smile:


I, too, want to chime in and add my thanks to the pile. The quality of the Librem 13 that I use every day has given me confidence that the Librem 5 has a solid chance of success.

Thanks for your work.


Nicole, Eric, and Petra, along with dedicated operations staff, worked continuously for a week to package all the dev kits to be shipped out to our dev kit backers

a special thank you from my side to these people working hard so i got my paket shortly after x-mas!


It’s nice to see that many think the same way and feel the need to thank the team purism. thanks also to all those who are working for an idea to become reality.


I love Free Software!

Thank you, @todd-weaver, for starting this awesome endeavor!

Your story is so inspiring.


Thank you so much, Purism team, for pushing through all the struggles to make this happen. You’re making something unique and special that will give us all a chance to actually be free of the predatory smartphone ecosystems that dominate the market today.

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