Kaby Lake or POWER8?

The new Librem laptops will come out in March 2016… Now perhaps, what new thing will Purism use? Kaby Lake, or maybe even POWER8?

The thing is, the entire architecture will be different, but with POWER8, there is no Intel ME!
Talos Secure Workstation on Crowdsupply is already looking for people to fund them: https://www.crowdsupply.com/raptor-computing-systems/talos-secure-workstation

Sorry if advertising is not allowed. But I feel like this is an extremely important project.

I believe this is the only ATX motherboard in the entire world capable of the highest specs on an ATX motherboard, with the ability to be 100% FSF RYF approved with no problem.

Even if you are not able to afford the whole motherboard, at least give them a tip. I have to point this out: This Talos motherboard is using parts from a standard ATX motherboard. Therefore, just how hard would it be to just use a POWER8 processor in place of an Intel one?

If we don’t stop using Intel processors in favor of open architectures that will work with something like Libreboot, we’ll continue to needlessly fight against Intel, and we won’t get anywhere. Let’s go a different direction!

We talked about Power architecture unofficially, but for now we stick to our already established long-term goals.

Thanks for the share, though, it’s an interesting thought.