KaiOS store for Librem 5

As many heir searching for a way to install Wathsapp on the Librem5. I cant help but thinking about an KaiOS Store (https://www.kaiostech.com/store/ ) Implementation for the Librem5.

I think it is a good Idea because

  • Linux based
  • low on rescues
  • has many interesting apps
  • based on fireOS as I recall

I relay would like to hear about you thugs because I am to noop to overview it. :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

There is no option to download WhatsApp (https://www.kaiostech.com/store/apps/?bundle_id=com.whatsapp.whatsapp)

Not sure if it is available on non-KaiOS systems.

About KaiOS:

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I am really sure it is, but I did not figured out how to get it. (There is an dev emulator but I am not sure if it is coming with an os install or some one has to some how get it from a Phone… Witch I guess is very hard to do.
So maybe purism could ask friendly if thy could cooperate…

I did a bit of research an I found https://store.bananahackers.net/#whatsapp + Thy provide a client app https://github.com/jkelol111/webstore (not sure what it dose) and you can download Whatsapp!! If you unpack it there are a bunch of .js files. If you cant run Whatsapp this way Maybe you could revers engineer how to connect…
Not a .js dev but I will research it a bit future

FWIW, you can use Whatsapp Web in the L5 as well, I did not try it extensively but it seems to be usable.

Since recently, you do not need to have the other phone (android / iOS with WA) always connected to the web, only once every 15 days, but you need this other phone…