Kali Linux not working on Boxes

I have a Librem 13 with PureOS. I tried installing the ISO file (both 64bit and 32bit) from https://www.kali.org/downloads/ in BOXES and both failed to start after downloading the ISO files.

How can I install an image or ISO for Kali Linux in Boxes for PureOS? I wasn’t able to install VMware or Virtual Box on PureOS and assume the preferred method is to stay with Boxes for virtual machines.

As an alterntive, is it possible to install both PureOS and Kali Linux as OS and choose when booting?

Kali really isn’t meant to be installed to a hard disk and you won’t get anywhere with a VM of it. If you really want to use it, the best thing you could do is create a bootable USB drive and boot off that instead.

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