KDE Discover no authentication

I’m very new to KDE and Discover Software App. Every time I try to install something it tells me I do not have authentication to do so, but never prompts me for my password. So, I’m currently stuck using apt or synaptic. There seem to be a lot of people that have had this problem through the years, but there has been no definitive solution that applies to me.
This doesn’t feel like a bug as much as user error. There must be something I’m doing wrong, I think.
Thank you!

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No, rest assured you’re not doing anything wrong. It broke for me some time ago (weeks, months) and I didn’t really investigate it.
I suspected something broke when I upgraded to Byzantium and I just didn’t notice directly after. But now (as you also experience it) I rather think some update broke it.

pero hay alguna solucion?a mi tambien me pasa

Translation: But is there any solution? It happens to me too.

It may help to provide more background, at least whether this is Librem laptop or Librem phone or some other hardware; and what PureOS version.

hello irvin,
The Pureos version is 10.0.
The problen is Discover.Apparently, when lar discover, it tells you that you do not have permission and does not let you install anything. The system does not allow you to change privileges. I think there is a lack of a bookstore that makes it possible. I do not know if there is a way to drag it since I have tried everything. In the next update I hope you fix it. If you install the other version that is not kde of plasma this does not happen. the problem is Discovery


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