KDE Edition free?

Hello! I’m wondering, i used both pureos versions (cinnamon and KDE)
The KDE iso seems to run way faster on my machine, I’m wondering if this version is also 100% free software or maybe it came with nvidia drivers. Thanks you

PureOS is a distro with 100% free/open source software, so it doesn’t offer the proprietary Nvidia driver (although you can manually install it on your own). If you installed PureOS on a computer with an Nvidia GPU, you should be using the free Nouveau driver. You can verify what driver you are using with the command lsmod and if you want to verify what is your hardware with the command lspci (or you can just use inxi -SGx)

By the way, if you have a GTX 900 Maxwell GPU, you can upgrade to the Linux 6.2 or later kernel to get better graphics performance.


Thanks you so much for your reply!