Kde maybe is not good for librem

hi everyone, i’m reading this topic

kde privacy issue

it seems there is a google server behind some services and google funds the project, i know pure os use gnome, and i write it, just for the phone, plasma mobile should be an option, and i like it, but i’d like to advise maybe there is some kind of privacy leaks

FreeSpirit, please refrain from the „it seems“ discussions that lead nowhere (have a look at the forum rules). We understand your concern, but the whole point of Purism is freedom and privacy, therefore we use only completely free and open source software for our devices. Open source - anyone can have a look at the source code. So if there’s something wrong with very popular DE’s like KDE or GNOME, someone would have noticed it by now.

I know your mission an that s why im there, sorry if i ve done something against forum rule, im not a developer, so i dont have the skills for look the code and understood what does it do. But i know open source doesnt mean secure if everyone doesnt check the code because you trust it, what i mean is kde is very popular and there is a 99% chance is all ok, but if everyone who use it in their distros doesent check the code but just implement it, there is a chance something wrong is inside, expecially if a big company will fund the project.
I just wanna warn you about a chance, as i told im not a dev, but sometime another point of view should be usefull for not be tricked by something you trust

“someone would have noticed it by now”

If everyone things this no one will check the code anymore, an unreaded opensource code is the same as the closed source imho

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Yes, I understand what you mean, but there are people who examine the code, really. :slight_smile:

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The original poster’s argument/logic, on the topic you linked to, is essentially:

  1. KDE is impressive... a little too polished! How is this possible!?! (answer: people have been working on it for twenty years ¬_¬)
  2. Hmmm, there is some sponsorship (of GSoC etc.) by Google (note: sure, like at least 179 other open-source projects leveraging the work of 1200+ students during the summer)
  3. Therefore, surely there is a big conspiracy to have backdoors everywhere! (note: nobody in the thread is providing evidence of anything)

I’m simplifying a bit, but that’s the jist of it. It’s nonsense. Don’t start worrying about wildly exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims like that. Reading that thread over there, I don’t know where you came to the interpretation that “it seems there is a google server behind some services [in KDE]”, because that’s not even mentioned there. Don’t be reading tea leaves!

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thanks for the answers, i see big corps make alot of money rubbing data and metadata, so i became a bit paranoic, because i hate it, there is a news about nvidia recently added telemetry on their driver, even surfing on the web is like giving alot of data of you if you dont optimize your browser, it seems every big company try to make money with this stuff, because if they wanna my infos, the should pay for it!! i have nothing to hide, but i dont wanna other ppl make money using me, i feel it really wrong, this big corps use this money for buy startup around the world, bringing the core business on usa (not all the time, but usually they do it) and they use chinese manifacturing, and this is bad for economy, for example try to immagine google, apple or facebook 60 years ago buying ferrari, bmw, general motors and so, making the cars on china because of costs (like everyone do now), and immagine european/usa citizen who got their salary working on their own country factory without their job because of them, we had a crysis also in '60

that’s why i’m looking for full open source software and hardware, who respect my person, and dont use money maked rubbing my data for buy everything on the world destroying all the economy

i try to do my best for let know it to people, who usually ignore it, and when i find something like purism project i feel very happy because gimme a hope that there is still someone who care about peoples, and who really believe that is possible to make a business without using their customers, but just working for them (and with them)

now i hope alot on librem phone project, because there is no smartphone who respect their users, i followed some different project, but no one is really fully open, even ubuntu phones use mediatek cpu which have closed source firmware and this is really bad, replicant project seems pretty dead and just for few phone, and update on android are really bad, because even the os nightly doesent patch the kernel, so its too much unsecure

one of my dream is to have a phone with a fully free linux inside where i can be sure to have the control on all the components and system, without apps or system component who call home with “no reason” and purism crew is the only one company on this way

sorry if i was a bit offtopic, but i’m writing much on this forum, so i like to clearify why i’m a bit paranoic/interested on all stuff about purism projects and why i make alot of questions and i write all my doubts

sorry if i was a bit offtopic, but i’m writing much on this forum, so i like to clearify why i’m a bit paranoic/interested on all stuff about purism projects and why i make alot of questions and i write all my doubts

No problem, just be careful about jumping to conclusions by deriving them from speculation without evidence :slight_smile:

As for the problem of manufacturing being commonly outsourced, beyond the question of cost there is the matter of workforce. An interesting article I’ve read recently about this phenomenon is this article.

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