KDE/Plasma updates are falling more and more behind


Thank you for your hint. I tried to find the landing repository but did not find it. I should have informed you. Sorry.
I searched again and found. I this moment I am downloading the updates


Nearly everything wet well, but some packages (e.g. Plasma Desktop) were removed, but most of them were reinstallable. Thank you very much.


hi there! :slight_smile:

i dunno if the packages are incompatible or not, but u could wait for others to make u b sure about this possibility if its right or not, but u could use apt pinning and enable debian repositories on a targeted manner for the kde stuffs - if the pureos landing wont make u happy. btw i prefer mate desktop, its small pure efficient flexible, but it depends on ur needs, ive only heard that kde have a 5#!7load of plugins, so if ur using much of them, then mayb mate is not a thing for u…

keep calm and put on ur hacker hat, its open source and open possibilities, based on customer needs, and if ur planning to get a librem 5, then its a nice thing to have the same os on it as ur main device, but this is just my point of view…

all the bests for u! :slight_smile: