KDE/Plasma updates are falling more and more behind

There have been 104 packages updated in the last two days. Not one KDE/Plasma Package allthough in debian testing there have been lots of them updated. I think, I will leave PureOS behind, if at the end of the debian-freeze KDE/Plasma is not completely updated. I will never run Gnome, which robs me of my freedom and for ME is not convenient at all.

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I know it’s not user-friendly, but you are free to compile the latest KDE packages from source and stay bleeding edge that way.

… the packages of PureOS will of course be more up-to-date than those in Debian 10. That’s the purpose of being based on testing.

So, you consider 5.13 vs. 5.14 “more and more” behind? You make it sound like we’re several versions behind. If you can’t wait for them to find the time to do some QA before pulling it in, you could also just enable the PureOS landing repository, go full bleeding edge and install it today. It’s already there. But don’t complain if something goes wrong. That’s why it’s called bleeding edge.


Is it a general fear of KDE dropping into non-support or do you have a particular package you would like to see updated?
You know, it’s not always good to be on the bleeding edge.
Features aside, new package versions sometimes come with new bugs and often with new non-features.

I was a happy xfce user once, but new features killed it for me.
Same with aewm before it.
And I bet a lot of GNOME users were upset with v3 (heck, that’s why Cinnamon came into existence).

That being said, if you do want to stay bleeding edge and you do move away from PureOS, I would recommend archlinux (rolling-release, don’t fall behind or updates will become hard) or a source distro like Gentoo (expect long copile times).

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I do not want the latest KDE packages. I wish to have the latest from debian-testing. Which is far from bleeding edge.

debian testing will become debian 10 after the freeze. Then there will be a new testing, which PureOS ist based on, and which will become debian 11.

I do not want the bleeding-edge packages, I want the latest debian-testing packages, which are running without problems on one of my other computers. Nearer the bleeding-edge is debian unstable (SID). The bleeding-edge of KDE/Plasma you can get with plasma neon. I run KDE-Neon on my thinkpad T400 with is liberated with libreboot.

so pureos is allready debian 10 ? right ?

As far as I know, the version numbers are based on the stable debian releases. If debian-testing is version 10, what version is debian unstable? As far as I see it PureOS is based on debian testing an Purism works on making PureOS more stable then debian-testing. Right?

PureOS is based on Debian testing. We then add a small patch set on top which we try to keep as minimal as possible. It takes a little while to get new packages from Debian testing into PureOS but the period of time is days, not weeks or months. On most Debian derived systems you can look in this file to see which Debian version your OS is based on;


On my Librem13v3 running PureOS it says “buster/sid”. Buster is the code name for the next release of Debian which will be Debian 10 when its released.

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Of course. But in Buster the KDE/Plasma packages are regularly updatet, which for unknow reasons ist not the case in PureOS. Today there were 35 udates, but no KDE/Plasma packages have been updated. So my impression is, PureOS is based on buter/sid, but KDE/Plasma is neglected.

How exactly does Gnome rob you of your freedom? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read.

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It robs me of the freedom, to configure the desktop in the way I want it and make it convienient for me.
Other user don’t need or want it and that is o.k. for them. But I want to use what debian testing/sid offers.

Today there were 20 packages, which have been updated. No one KDE/Plasma packages. In debian testing there are nearly everyday some KDE/Plasma updates. I would content, if I knew a reason for that.

So PureOS is based on Debian “testing” and debian_version says it is “buster/sid” and the next release will be Debian 10, so PureOS is Debian 9 at the moment? Clear as an unmuddied lake. :slight_smile:

Today there have been over 80 updates. Not one KDE/Plasma. As there are no reasons, I am getting more and more disappointed. The time, where I will eave PureOs behind is getting nearer and nearer.

How often do you want to see KDE/Plasma updates? It looks to me like the main Plasma package was updated on Feb 28, based on looking here:


Meanwhile, it looks like Debian (on which PureOS is based) last got updated on the 27th of February:

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something, but I think you’re issue stems from Debian more so than PureOS directly. But indeed, consequently, PureOS may not be for you. Maybe you would prefer KDE Neon or the KDE spin of Fedora.

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The answer is easy: I wish to see the ked/plasma updates not so many days after they are updated in debian/testing. Tommorow I will check what versions are installed on my debian/testing system and what are the versions on PureOs.

Hmm, ok, I don’t quite understand enough about how Debain and PureOS are packaged then to make sense of the information below.

If I now look here:

I see plasma-desktop (4:

And if I look here:

I see plasma-desktop_5.14.5.1-1_amd64.deb
I also see plasma-desktop_5.13.5-1+b1_amd64.deb

If I run apt search plasma-desktop, I only see plasma-desktop/green 4:5.13.5-1+b1 amd64

So I’m not sure why isn’t showing up. Maybe it’s in the testing phase and awaiting approval to make it into the main PureOS release.

Two weeks ago I already explained to you how to get the latest kde packages immediately.
Instead of just enabling the landing repo, you’re still complaining. Just do it. Takes 5 minutes.