Keep Wifi Active when PureOS is Locked/Asleep


I have a need of keeping my Wifi active while my Librem15v4 is asleep.

Is there a way to configure the wireless interface to remain active while PureOS goes to sleep?


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Depends what “asleep” means.

I can’t answer for PureOS but on Ubuntu under Settings / Power there is an option for “Wi-Fi can be turned off to save power”, which evidently you want to be “no”.

Upon toggling the switch (on/off) for Wi-fi under the Power Saving menu in the Power Settings, PureOS activates airplane mode.

Sorry, you are right, that setting doesn’t do what I thought it did.

Ok, I think what I actually want to do is prevent the laptop from going to sleep after it has been locked.

I see I can control this in the Power settings.

That should be easier.

Yes. That is what I needed to do.