Kensington Lock Slot on Librem Laptops

I was wondering if the Librem laptops came with a Kensington lock slot, or not; it’s not a big deal, I just didn’t see anything about it on the product page, so I wanted to make sure.

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My Librem 13 which arrived in 2016 March (15 months ago) has no lock slot.

You might want to try a glue-on lock slot like this:

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I’m not sure how useful these are. I haven’t used them in over a decade, I just don’t leave my laptop unattended in a public space anyway (if you can’t have it unattended in a home/office, you have bigger problems than the laptop).

Moreover, they are not what I’d consider secure; all it takes is either 2 seconds with some plyers/wirecutters, or 30-60 seconds of lockpicking (even with a ballpoint pen or screwdriver sometimes) to bypass or defeat these locks… the only use I see for them would be for a busy tradeshow booth or a retail store shelf (but notice that retail stores actually put an alarm system on those, not just a lock).

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So I have been looking around, and managed to find some anti-theft solutions that will work with Librem ! :slight_smile: Here you go :

  1. CREATION SECURITY Silver Anchor Pad (on Amazon)
  • This is my favorite - it looks good and it works. I’ve seen it used in exhibitions.
  • Unfortunately, they does not ship to Indonesia, only to UK - so I had to search again.
  1. Super Sucker kensington lock (on eBay)
  • Very interesting product, it does not attach itself permanently :slight_smile:
  • When you need to secure your Librem laptop, attach this lock using its suction cup to your Librem.
    Then plug a kensington lock into the slot on it - voila, no one would be able to pry it open, without opening the kensington lock first.
  • If you don’t like having something permanently attached to your Librem laptop, this might be the right choice for you.
  1. I3C Anti-Theft Security Hardware Cable Lock Security Hardware Cable Lock iPad (from eBay)
  • I bought this one. It’s like the first one (anchor pad), but this one will ship internationally.

So there you go. I hope this helps anyone looking for anti-theft / security solutions for their Librem laptop too!

cheers, HS


Kensington used to sell a glue-on lock slot kit for use with their locks. It came with a small tube of cyanoacrylate glue. It worked for me. I stopped using the locks 2 or 3 computers back so I don’t know the present situation.

Thanks, yes I was hoping for something like that from Kensington themselves.

Alas, even after hours of Googling, there was no such thing. It may have been discontinued.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

cheers, HS

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