Kexec Signature Issue

Hello, I am very confused and could benefit from any help.

I was updating software and then rebooted my system. Then here comes the “error” message.
I have a Librem Mini v2 with Pureboot.

The error is "gpg: verify signatures failed: unknown system error
Invalid signature on kexec boot params
!!!Failed default boot
!!!Stating recovery shell

No matter which steps I take, this message is the end result. Anyone, have this program and how did you resolve it.

Thanks Casey

Thanks for the advice from Mladen Pejaković. This did not work!

  1. Restart (ctrl+alt+del)

  2. Wait for the system to ask you to insert your Librem Key, press ENTER (do not insert the Key yet)

  3. You will get into PureBoot menu, NOW insert BOTH your Librem Key and your Librem Vault (gold USB drive)

  4. Select Options → Update checksums and sign all files in /boot

But when I braved your other selection below, it worked. I just let it take its time, and finally I got into the system. Thank you.

P. S. You can ALWAYS boot to your system WITHOUT Librem Key: from the PureBoot menu select Options → Boot options → Ignore tamper and boot → Continue → (press ENTER on whatever first option is selected) → on red screen prompt type your disk encryption password and press ENTER to continue