Key press issues on L14

I recently got my Librem 14, and it’s been great. I’ve been having issues with two of the keys however (c and h), where they frequently miss key presses. What seems to be happening is normally once you hit the key and pass the key break it will catch it , however on these keys it’s a lot mushier (especially the c), and it won’t register the key unless you push a lot further down and harder than other keys.

Has anyone experienced this, and are there any “easy” fixes, like taking it apart and cleaning something? I really don’t want to send this laptop back, as I’ll be starting grad school soon and I’ll probably have to get a refund and buy a different computer instead of trying to wait for a fix on the keyboard.


I have a similar issue with my ‘;’ key. I e-mailed support, and they suggested doing the following:

‘Pressing hard on all the keys once on the Librem 14 for a few seconds.’

Unfortunately that has not yet resolved my issue, but I’m still talking with support on this.

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Well I got a duster which didn’t help, and I don’t want to try to remove the motherboard of my new laptop to get to the keyboard until I’m more confident there’s a solution, I guess it looks like I’m going to have to message purism too

Good luck!

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