Keyboard backlight cable Librem 13 Version 4

I just installed a replacement keyboard/case for my Librem 13 V4 sent to me from support - all because the space bar was defective.

But the backlight is not working on the new one.

Can anyone tell me (preferably with a photo) which cable controls the backlight, in case it isn’t seated properly? I reseated the main side ribbon cable for the keyboard already. So if the backlight is part of that cable, then the unit is defective. If it is one of the other cables, on the other hand, then I can check that it is properly seated, but I don’t know which one it is.

nope, your best best is to double check them all. If I had to guess, it’s part of the main keyboard ribbon cable

I found it. It’s the small translucent brown cable beside the CPU. It wasn’t seated properly. Interestingly, when I turned it back on, the trackpad wouldn’t work. I inspected its cable and one of the six terminals had stripped. So I fished out the cable from the old case/keyboard and put that in.

All good now.