Keyboard inconsistency with Librem 5

The keyboard shown while entering the encryption key password has a feature where the pressed key pops-up giving a visual confirmation. But during normal use after login that pop-up feature does not show up. This is bit of inconsistency (at least on my Librem 5). This makes it very difficult while typing and often times I end up using the backspace key.

Is this behavior intentional? Is there a way to enable the key pop-up feature during normal use as well?

Those are 2 different programs. For squeekboard, it’s not yet possible, not highest priority

That issue is open for almost a year now.
If it works for the encryption keyboard then can that logic not be extended to the squeekboard keyboard as well? Or is there any other limitation not mentioned here or in the location?

It’s completely different code, there’s nothing to extend with, it just needs to be written.

That being said, patches welcome :slight_smile:

The German keyboard does not seem to have an exclamation mark. At least I can’t find it.

It’s with uppercase letters. Perhaps it should be moved to the numbers and symbols. Want to try?

damn I was going to write it is not, but now I’ve seen it.
Thanks a lot! I’ll test it first.