Keyboard manual for n00b

Is there an infographic anywhere showing what the keys on a Librem (15) keyboard do? Most are self evident, obviously, however I see references to keys that are not marked, and marked keys that I have no idea what they do. Searching has not answered my questions satisfactorily.

One example that I see mentioned frequently is ‘super’. I have to assume that it is another name for ctrl alt or fn, but no definitive answer anywhere that I can find.

thanks -> should be Alt (?) -> Win (or in your case: Purism-key: :white_large_square: )

Thanks, I saw those, it just seemed that the Purism key just brings up the search function, which didn’t fit the context in which I saw it being described.

you may find the ‘xev’ program useful (assuming you are using X). it will show you the names any key is when you press it.